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While the Bradmatic is virtually maintanence and trouble free, occasionally a valve may stick or a line may split. Below are some of the more common problems that can occur with the Bradmatic unit

Cross Slide does not return to home position in the "x" when slide has returned home to "z"
Possible Issue:
MV-40 valve bad
Check MV-40 valve. To check valve..Start unit towards spindle..turn air off. Check to see if ball check on MV-40 is depressed in valve body (ball check should be above valve body). If ball is depressed, use some WD-40 and a screwdriver to push ball to release while spraying WD-40 on ball check. This should release ball. If it does not, replace valve.

Start the Bradmatic unit to move forward, then turn off air.
    The MV-40 is located at the rear of the Bradmatic deck plate. To locate, you must first remove the black guard plate located at the right of the upper air panel deck. (2) 8-32 button head screws), then you must be eye level (squat if necessary) to the top of the Hardinge bed. Look to the rear of the Bradmatic unit and you should see a grey bodied valve. This is the MV-40 valve. Above the black base plate you will see the brass threaded held on by 2 chrome jam nuts. Remove the nuts and allow the valve to drop through the base plate. Take note as to which port is 1 and 2 and also the tube connections.
     Remove the brass elbows from the old MV-40 and re-attach to the new MV-40 taking care to note port 1 and 2. Reattach air lines as well. (Use loctite blue on the fittings to insure a leak resistant fit.)
Replace MV-40 in the reverse order of removal.
Turn air on..cycle unit. check to make sure the check valve ball is being depressed by the air cylinder connecting block as the unit returns to home position. If the cross slide does not return home in the normal box pattern, raise the MV-40 valve up until the unit functions properly.
Replace the guard.

When start buttons are actuated, the cross slide unit does not move and air is heard from U-10 valve from underneath deck panel.
Possible Issue:
Main seals leaking in main cylinder
Malfunctioning U-10 valve
Replace main seals in main air cylinder unit.
(View web page, rebuilding the main cylinder)
While sometimes it is possible to clean the U-10 in case there is a bad seal or foreign matter in the valve, it is usually best to replace the valve

Unit does not function when sensor(s) are covered to actuate patterns
Possible issue(s)
Line split causing air leakage prior to sensor bleed
Dwells not open enough
Foreign material on sensor blocks causing sensor stop rod to not cover sensor hole completely thus not allowing sensor to trip 341A valve.
Locate split line..cut at split if possible or replace line
Open dwell (open dwell 1/2 turns cc, return slide home and then restart unit until slide cycles properly) 
check stop blocks for foreign matter..clean

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